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About Me

Born in 1997 and raised in Monaco.


Fluent in Japanese, English, French and Monegasque.

Rewarded by the Prince of Monaco as an excellent student in Monegasque.


When I was a student, I applied for an audition, and won the regular position for the TV program "Oha Suta" which I had longed for since I was a child.


At Keio University, I studied project management under Kan Suzuki while balancing academic and TV entertainment activities.

I then graduated as Valedictorian.


After graduating from college and from the TV show business, I left the entertainment agency and started creating digital contents on Instagram and YouTube.


Focusing on healthy recipes that I created, I started posting a lifestyle centered on food and health. Six months after the launch, the Instagram account reaches over 10,000 followers.

In 2020, I established the Japan Cream Puff Association in pursuit of a stress-free diet rather than a perfect nutritional diet.

After working in a Japanese company for 2 years, I decided to devote all my energy to this creative project. I am currently a freelance digital content creator.

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